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Planet Padua History:

The exact date Planet Padua started can not be found, and actually started with a website made by Kevin, about a group of friends who played Footbag and called themselves the "U.H.S Crew" (United HackySackers Crew). The website has long gone but the idea of a place where all the friends could go and share their thoughts lived on. Soon after Planet Padua was born at planetpadua.f2s.com. The site was hosted for free and lacked content and services, but its growth was fast and furious. Once the site was going strong it was very apparent that a new server was needed, and together Chris, Jesse, and JD purchased Planet Padua's spot at planetpadua.clanpages.com on October 9th, 2001. The site grew with tremendous support from its viewers, and after a little hacking planetpadua.com reigned on. Not to late after namezero started charging for domains so planetpadua.com was lost and planetpadua.dot.nu was put in its place. After months at planetpadua.dot.nu the url got screwed over yet again and something new was needed. With much support www.planetpadua.net was born and now lives in what you see today.

Now on its 4th official layout and more than a year after first opening Planet Padua is stronger than ever. Services and content are never ending as the battle for internet supremacy goes forth into the new millenium. Thank you for your support in making the best website on the net!

About Padua:

Padua (pronounced pad-jew-ah) is a city in Italy, and a street in Claremont, California. Padua Street is a winding road that goes through Padua Hills (entrance shown below) and dead-ends in the middle of a dark forest. It is rumored that the street and all attached to it is haunted. The staff at Planet Padua enjoy going up the street and scaring people, and when we needed a name for this site, we thought "Padua, how amazingly beautiful."